Hey there, so it's been a long while since I've updated this site.
To see my work, please check out my Behance page.


Hi! Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I wanted to let you know that its been a while since I've updated this portfolio. I have many projects that I've worked on over the course of the past two years that I feel represents some of my latest and greatest work. I will be updating the porfolio in the near future. Thanks for your patience!       -Prashant

  • DJ Rang, LLC

    Design and build for DJ Rang, LLC. DJs, Live Sound and Event Management.

  • A TIME for Physics First

    Design and build for a project, funded by the National Science Foundation, seeking to develop physics teachers into intellecutal leaders from Missouri school districts.

  • UNC Fast-a-thon 2009

    Form and database for an Annual event raising money for a local community organization and encouraging a day of fasting.

  • Our NCSU Government

    Student election campaign for student body president and chief justice during Spring 2009.

  • Taehi

    Site and eCommerce for Taehi, luxurious naturally exotic products.

  • NC Millennium Village Project

    Version 2 of a site for UNC Chapel Hill, Duke and Bennett college students' goal to raise $1.5 million dollars to sponsor a millennium village in Africa.

  • Latino Community Credit Union

    Design, build and content management integration for a regional credit union in North Carolina.

  • Start for the Heart - North Carolina Children's Heart Center

    Design and build for a student organization with a mission to support underprivileged children with heart disease in North Carolina by hosting an annual fundraiser.

Twenty300 Media, LLC

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